Why Opadeez?

  • Streamline your processes with Opadeez workflow & data capture
  • Reduce maintenance cost with easy-to-use Opadeez Designer
  • Deploy changes quickly - at the speed of your business
  • No license cost, optional support contract

How does it work?

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Define your data

  • Create entities & attributes (tables & fields)
  • add formulas e.g. age = now() - DOB
  • Create 1-to-many relationship between entities
  • Define list of values: male/female, list of countries...
  • Re-use data from external systems tables or views


Want to know more? Check out Opadeez Overview

Femtoeasy go live!

Femtoeasy is a French company specialised in measure equipments for ultra-fast lasers.

Their needs: develop a CRM-like solution to handle customers database and billing information - with billing payment tracking - as well as providers information & payments.

Femtoeasy was able to configure and deploy the first version of their Opadeez solution in only 2 weeks!