Opadeez Overview

Opadeez let you create a full-fledged Web Application through its user-friendly Designer

Some of the recent applications developped using Opadeez include:

  • CRM solution for Femtoeasy
  • Management interface for an SMS based betting game
  • Mobile app Administration and automation system for iTeksi
  • Demo solution for banking sector for Loan originations & Collaterals handling

Define your Data

  • Create the data dictionary using Entities & Attributes (Tables & fields)
  • Define 1-to-many relationship between entities
  • Configure list of values such as Male/Female, Country list...

Configure the Logic

  • Create logical Flows to control how actions are executed. Use standard actions available to create new data items, save into database, show a Page...
  • Define Lookups that are used to easily fetch existing records from the database
  • Where required, write Scripts using Opadeez easy language to do additional processing such as initializing default values, agregating values between entities...
  • Automate integration using Jobs to process files, or schedule tasks

Create the Front-End

  • Create Pages using Opadeez Page Designer
  • Use formulas to define when fields are visible/hidden, mandatory/optional, read-only/editable
  • Configure Menu Bars and define permissions required to access each element
  • Create Reports that can be accessed & filtered from Opadeez front-end


  • Nothing easier than Opadeez One-click deployment!
    • The Runtime components are created and packaged automatically
    • Database schema is automatically updated to reflect any changes to the data dictionary
    • The Solution is started and ready to use!

Opadeez Demo

OpadeezDemo is a very simple solution that includes:

  • Creating & Searching for Clients
  • Handle Bills associated with Clients
  • All the demo is configured using Opadeez Designer

Email us to get an access to the demo solution

Femtoeasy go live!

Femtoeasy is a French company specialised in measure equipments for ultra-fast lasers.

Their needs: develop a CRM-like solution to handle customers database and billing information - with billing payment tracking - as well as providers information & payments.

Femtoeasy was able to configure and deploy the first version of their Opadeez solution in only 2 weeks!

Opadeez Wiki is now live

Access Opadeez Wiki to get access to Opadeez studio documentation, tutorials and more...