Aerospace is a regulated industry with manufacturing processes managed by well controlled and documented Procedures and Specifications. However with the expansion of programs and higher rates, better tools are required to manage the teams and programs ensuring no rock is left unturned. APQP from Opadeez is one of those tools that help you stay on top of the entire project from start through to FPQ's, FAI's, steady state production and beyond making sure things are done Right First Time.

APQP History

APQP was developed in the late 1980's by a commission of experts from the 3 big American Automobile players, Ford, GM & Chrysler. They together with the Automotive Division of the American Society for Quality Control (ASQC) created the Supplier Quality Requirement Task Force to develop a common understanding on topics of mutual interest within the automotive industry. Similarly the International Aerospace Quality Group or IAQG has come up with a Supply Chain Management Book, AS or EN 9145 as a standard for guidance of implementing APQP for the Aerospace industry. In a nut shell, APQP is a tool to assist in Project Management with measured outputs of key deliverables that helps provide early warnings and risk mitigation to ensure product is delivered to the customer's requirement and expectation the first time round, within project timelines and cost performance targets. Examples of these deliverables include:

  • FMEA - Failure Mode and effect Analysis
  • SPC - Statistical Process Control
  • MSA - Measurement System Analysis
  • PPAP - Production Part Approval Process

Why use APQP?

APQP has now become an Industry and Customer driven requirement is a pre-requisite for future programs. It will allow companies to improve their internal processes and increase their quality performance and production efficiency which would then drive opportunities in cost savings. This would translate to reduce the number of quality issues, Concessions, Escapes and the like at the Customers end which then reduces overall cost from all fronts throughout the life of the program.

Implementation / Roll-out strategy

The Aerospace has one of the best manufacturing cultures and teams who strive for improvements with a class A mentality. Coupled with good Governance, the parts designed and produced are of very high quality and standard. But as with many companies today, there are a number of challenges faced including resources such as manpower and time. Therefore we always work closely with our customers to find the best way to successfully integrate and roll out the Opadeez APQP tool with minimal interruption on day to day workload be it on new or existing programs.

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