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A Data Set is a tree view of the Data Dictionary. It is created by naming Entities with aliases (e.g. a Person entity can have alias Customer and Employee), and by selecting the links used to associated these entities. A Data Set can also have visibility rules, mandatory rules and read-only rules for each attribute which are automatically applied whenever a field is used on a Page.

Data Set Definition

DataSet name Name of the dataset. The name must be unique.

Data Set Entities

Alias Name given to the entity. For example entity "Person" may have 2 different "Data set entities", with alias "Customer" and "Employee"
Entity name Name of the entity in the data dictionary (e.g. Person)
Link from entity Link a "Data set entity" with its parent. For example you may have a "Customer address" linked to a "Customer" data set entity, and another "Employee address" linked to an "Employee" data set entity

This setting is mandatory except for the very first data set entity of the data set. This way the data set entities form a tree structure.

Link name Name of the link used for the parent/child relationship. You must select a link where "Entity from" is the same as the parent entity, and "Entity to" is the same as the child entity

This setting is mandatory except for the very first data set entity of the data set.

SQL Filter (optional) SQL filter can be used with "non exclusive" links only. For example if you have defined a "Contract" entity linked to a "Customer" with a non exclusive relationship (e.g. different contracts can refer to the same customer), you can add a filter to limit which customers can be selected through this relationship.
Read-only Define the whole data set entity as read-only. Note: it is also possible to define read-only rules at field levels using the "Attribute rules".
No cache If set to true, the data of this entity will never be cached in memory, meaning that the values will be re-loaded from database at every page refresh. This can be useful if the entity it refers to is a database View, and the values it returns have to be refreshed at each page load.
Modify Attribute Rules Allow editing the visibility, mandatory and read-only rules for the selected data set entity (Refer to Attribute rules for details).

Note: if an entity is used multiple times in different "data set entities", its corresponding fields can have separate rules for each "data set entity"

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