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The Links page is used to create relationship between entities; links are translated into database links (foreign keys). For example you may create a Link from entity "Person" to entity "Address" and define how many different addresses a person can have.

Link Definition

Link name Name of the link (e.g. PersonAddress). The name must be unique.
Entity from Name of the entity from which the link is defined (e.g. Person)
Entity to Name of the entity to which the link is defined (e.g. Address)
Cardinality Cardinality of this link (e.g. how many different addresses a person can have). If there is no limit, set the cardinality as 0.
Exclusive Define if the link is exclusive (activate this option if an Address can be associated to 1 and only 1 person). Note: if the link is NOT exclusive, the cardinality must be set to 1.
Field name (optional) Database field name used for the foreign key. If not provided, a default name is created by Opadeez.

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