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This page details the different actions that can be run within a Solution. Actions can be executed from a Flow, from an action button etc...
When an action is inserted in a Flow, most parameters are optional (for example the Page name, the Script name... are displayed in the flow directly). When an action is executed from an action button it is required to indicate the action name where applicable.

Below are some examples:

Action type: Used in a flow: Used in an action button:
Page action: Opadeez-studio-action-page-example-flow.png


Script action: Opadeez-studio-action-script-example-flow.png


Lookup action: Opadeez-studio-action-lookup-example-flow.png



Action type Description Parameters
close Close the current dataset
delete Flag the current record as deleted. By default, delete the top-level element of the dataset. If an "alias" is provided, delete the current record for the given alias. alias (optional): Alias of the record to delete.
duplicate Duplicate a record from the current dataset. alias: Alias of the record to duplicate.
exitsubflow Exit from the current sub-flow.
externalcall Do an API call to an external interface. Action name refers to the External Call name to be executed.
if-else-endif Execute a sub-part of the flow based on a condition. field: Name of the boolean field used as a condition. Note: syntax for the field is <Alias>.<field>
lookup Display a lookup page. Action name refers to the lookup defined in "Processing" – "Lookups". jsp: Name of the page where the display of this Lookup is defined.
menu Display a menu bar for data capture. Action name refers to a menu item defined in the User Interface - Menus section of the Studio. jsp: Name of the initial JSP page to be displayed when the flow reaches this Menu action.
message Displays a message in the notification bar of the application. Action name is the message text to be displayed. type: defines the type (icon) of message. Possible values are: error, warning, validation, information
next Move to the next action in the current flow.
new Create a new record and set it as the active record in the current Data Set. Is equivalent to the "Create new" option of the menu item, but provides additional options. Only 1 of alias or addalias parameters can be provided for an action.

alias (optional): Defines the top level alias to be created. This allows creating a new record within a dataset, without starting from the dataset top level entity. For example if you have a dataset defined as Person -> Accounts, you can set the top level alias as Account to manage the accounts, separately from the Persons.
addalias (optional): Create a new record in a specific entity of the dataset. This action is equivalent to a click on the "New" button of a selector.

page Display a Page. Action name refers to a Page to be displayed.
previous Move to the previous action in the current flow.
save Save the current dataset. If an alias is provided, save only the data from that alias and below. alias (optional): Allows saving only a sub-part of the current record, starting from the given alias.
saveaudit Create a new audit trail record for the attributes having the "Audit trail" flag set in the Data Dictionary definition.
script Executes a script on server side. Action name refers to the script to be executed. Refer to "Scripting Language" for details on the scripting language syntax.
subflow Include another flow during the execution of current flow. Action name refers to the sub-flow name to be called.

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