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A lookup is used to search for existing records in database, based on a specific dataset. Lookups can be run in an interactive manner for the user to search using filters, or can be automatically filtered from another record by using existing fields to populate filters information.

Lookup Definition

Lookup name Name of the Lookup. This name must be unique.
Result limit Define the maximum number of results the lookup can return. If set to 0, there will be no limit to the number of results
Data set Name of the dataset that will be created when a result from the lookup is selected.
First alias (optional) Define from which level of the data set the lookup result will be loaded (by default the top-level alias of the data set is used).
Filter Filter used to search for records in database. Syntax for this filter is similar to SQL except that Data set alias names are used instead of database table names. Lookup parameters are referenced using syntax %parameter name%.

For example you may have an entity called "Person", used in your data set as "Employee" and "Customer". You may implement a parameter to filter either for employee name or customer name. In this case, create a parameter called "Lastname" and define the filter as: "(Employee.Lastname = %Lastname% OR Customer.Lastname = %Lastname% OR %Lastname% = )" The last "OR %Lastname% = " is required if you want the %Lastname% parameter to be optional.

Lookup parameters

Parameter name Name of the Parameter. This name must be unique. Parameters are referenced in the Filter section using syntax %parameter name%.
Type from Select the field which has the desired data type for this lookup parameter. If the selected field has a "Value List" attached to it, the lookup parameter will be displayed as a drop-down list.
Populate from (optional) Lookups can be used to open records based on a manual search, where the user will key in the search criteria. In this case, leave the "Populate from" information blank.

If you want to search for a record based on values from another record, you need to indicate how the parameters are populated based on the existing open record.

Lookup display

This section defines how the results of the lookup search will be shown to the user (e.g. which fields will be displayed).
When the displayed columns come from multiple aliases with 1-many relationship, the Lookup results will be displayed in a hierarchical manner:

  Customer name Order Order date
  John Doe ORDER-AA0001 01-02-2016
    ORDER-AA0002 04-08-2016
  John Smith ORDER-B0101 12-04-2017
    ORDER-B0102 20-07-2020
Title Define the title of the column in the lookup results. It is possible to group multiple fields with 1 single title.

For example you may use the Title "Employee name" for firstname and lastname. To achieve this, create a display field "Firstname" where the title is "Employee name". Next to it, create a "Lastname" display field where the title is blank.

Entity alias, Attribute Select the field you want to display.

Lookup order

Defines how the results of the lookup search are ordered. Results can be ordered based on multiple fields (first field takes priority).

Entity alias, Attribute Define based on which field the order is applied.
Ascending Define if the order is ascending or descending.

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