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The Reports section is used to link the solution with externally defined reports. Currently only Jasper reports are supported.

Report Definition

Report name Name of the report. The name must be unique.
Jasper file path Path to the jrxml Jasper file. This file must be present on server side.
Data set When Populate from is used to populate a report parameter from the data context, entities from this Data set are available.

Report parameters

Parameter name Name of the parameter as defined in Jasper Studio. The name must be unique.
Type from Select the field which has the desired data type for this report parameter. If the selected field has a "Value List" attached to it, the report parameter will be displayed as a drop-down list.
Populate from (optional) If blank, the report parameter is used to let the user enter a value for this parameter.

A report parameter can be populated from the current data context, in which case the user won't be able to enter a value for this parameter.

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